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ORYX Solutions has answers for all sectors of education and learning, beginning at school level (K12) where we assist students and teachers in using the latest technologies for better educational outcomes, through the higher education sector,all the way up to highly-specialized research and development institutions. This is all in alignment with our primary goal of supporting the region during the shift from print to electronic resources and education.

Long-standing relationships with all major publishers in higher education, as well as years of proven experience, enable us to help you find and secure digital business.


The VitalSource Global Reseller Network enables ORYX Solutions to deliver digital content through the industry-leading VitalSource® Bookshelf® application. Our goal is to offer enterprise-level solutions to our local market. We are a trusted partner to the world’s leading higher education institutions.

You need a partner who understands the nuances of the education environment—from managing a simple drop/add application all the way up to an integrated large-scale multi-publisher implementation.\

As a member of the Global Reseller Network, we have access to one of the most comprehensive reseller programs in the industry.  VitalSource Technologies, an Ingram Content Group Company, provides us with the tools and training to expand our market reach.

Considering the shift to e-content? 

You need an e-textbook distribution partner to provide: 

• Worldwide distribution

• Advanced Learning Management System (LMS) integration

• Customized, branded e-textbook solutions

• Rich media and interactivity development

• Multiple distribution options

• Combined print/digital solutions

ORYX Solutions offers Bookshelf® the most popular e-textbook platform in the world today. It’s portable, interactive, cost-effective and smart.

Students access their content whenever and wherever they need it. Our platform provides online, offline, and mobile reader, PC Personal or shared computers options—all with industry-leading rich functionality.

Bookshelf® delivers e-textbooks on: 

• Macs®

• Smartphones

• Flexible business models

• Industrial strength DRM

• Tablets


Access your books anytime anywhere

Desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone—Bookshelf downloads files to your device or lets you access online. So, study at home on your laptop, at school on a campus machine, or on your smartphone on the train. Do all three. Bookshelf keeps everything in-sync and at your fingertips.

Support for rich media and interactivity

  • Bookshelf supports rich media and interactivity. In media-enhanced books, you watch processes, see implications, and better understand the concepts.
  • Create study notes and collaborate with teachers and classmates.
  • Highlight passages and add your notes. Even better, subscribe to your friends and teachers, and ‘follow’ them as they make their own notes and highlights. You can even search through their notes.
  • Increase study time-efficiency by finding important information faster.
  • You can search in one book or all your books, words and/or pictures, just your notes, or even your friends’ and teachers’ notes. Also, right-click any word to find definitions immediately.

Bookshelf allows for accessibility

Bookshelf applications are engineered to provide the best possible access for impaired students. See our accessibility page for more information.

Multiple publishers, multiple devices

Unlike other e-book platforms that tie you to a particular publisher’s content, or to a particular vendor’s device, Bookshelf supports content from all the major education publishers, and allows you access on the device that works for you.